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Handles, hooks

Practical and sturdy handles and hooks for the functional and stylish home. Unique design products suitable for classic and modern interior solutions - Domus Galerija offers a wide range of handles and hooks, tailored to individual customer requirements. In the production of strong and durable accessories only high-quality materials are used to ensure the full use of the products.


Vacuum hose holder (Pelly Sweden)

VESIDA spintų pasaulis
11.00 €

Ties holder (Pelly Sweden)

VESIDA spintų pasaulis
27.00 €

Hair dryer holder (Pelly Sweden)

VESIDA spintų pasaulis

Holders for bags (Raumplus)

VESIDA spintų pasaulis
22.00 €


From 12.50 €

Bathroom accessories (Clayre &eef)

1000 IR 1 NAKTIS
From 8.00 €
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